AMM 1.4 and Premium

Just released AMM 1.4 last night and along with it came the first release of the Premium version. At the moment the two versions have exactly the same functionality except Premium is ad free.

I’ve decided to adopt a freemium to give people to provide monetary support. I’m sure guys already understand this model. So I thank all my supporters in advance.

I think the free version does enough for almost everyone. The Premium version will provide even more advanced features.

One last thing I would like to mention is people that get the Premium version should still rate it as this is still a useful tool for me and other potential users.

    • chris
    • April 5th, 2010

    just rated it 4 stars i love the app just need a couple things ironed out and its 5 i did buy the premium to support you and i hope more people do it just needs a set on boot i know you are aware everyone wants this and whenever you can do it wonderful but more importantly I would like to see in the process tab the keep alive, increase/decrease priority does not stick after a refresh it resets once again I know you do the best you can and am happy to support you I hope you know i’m behind you 100 percent on this app its great thanks again for the hard work you put in

    Christopher T

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