Whitelist, running services and more confusion

In 2.1.1. I introduced the Whitelist functionality.  There have been a lot of confusion around this functionality and a few other things.  And it’s not something that I could have explained within the confines of the Market description.  Although in saying that people really need to read the changelog.  A lot of this has been mentioned there.  I am making big changes here to move AMM forward and the best way for users to keep up is to take a look at the changelog.  I try to keep this up to date and there is a link to it on the Help page within the app. Like most developers I find it annoying/disappointing/frustrating when I provide documentation that people don’t read and leave bad/stupid comments in the Market.  For those who don’t know there is no way for me to respond to a comment in the Market and literally 100% of negative comments are of no use to me in terms of fixing the problem since they don’t provide any information about why the problem is happening.  So if you have a problem then EMAIL ME.  I respond to every single email I get from a user so all I ask in return is that you email me with your problems.

So let’s start with the most obvious problem.  The whitelist functionality is ONLY available if you are using the Auto Clean Up mode.  I will be tidying up the next version so that if you have Auto Clean Up turned off you won’t see Whitelist mentioned anywhere.

Next thing.  The Auto Clean Up mode is the biggest change in the 2+ releases.  This turns AMM into a smart task killer that will try to mimic the kernel’s minfree functionality.  It is mainly to cater for users with unrooted phones.  But rooted users can use this functionality if they want.  (I am exclusively using it on my N1). When you use the Auto Clean Up mode you will need to add apps that provide alarm functionality or run on a service to the whitelist. This includes things like Alarm, Gmail, twitter apps, facebook etc.  Basically anything that you expect to receive updates from.  I am not sure but you may also need to add SMS and Phone to the whitelist as well.  To save people the hassle of doing this I have preloaded the whitelist with some common apps.

Some people have also been complaining about a AMM service running.  To make it crystal clear, AMM uses a service to apply settings and do various tasks so it doesn’t tie up the main activity.  This is more or less a basic Android principle.  So if you see it popping up from time to time (especially if you use Auto Clean Up mode) then that is normal.  Otherwise please notify me and we can discuss what is causing it to happen.  I haven’t been able to replicate this problem on my N1 or Hero.  So if you would like this fixed then please contact and provide more information.

SO just to reiterate and close out this post, I don’t put out releases knowingly with bugs in them.  And would like nothing more than to have people contact me with information when they do find any issues.  Don’t worry if you are not technical or have no idea what to tell me.  Just email me and I can walk you through what I need and how to get it.

    • Joe
    • February 6th, 2011

    I am not sure what is going on with all of these other people, but my problem is that the whitelist processes are frequently killed.
    Text messeging, k9 email, and a refreshing weather widget seem to be killed regardless of what level profile I am on.
    I like this app a lot but I can’t keep using it if it shuts things like this down.

    • Hi Joe,
      Would you be able to send me some logs so I can see what’s happening? I can’t really do much in terms of debugging until I know what’s going on on your phone. Do you know how to get logs from your phone?

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