AMM released

Just released AMM  This should fix all the FCs that have been happening lately.  There was a couple of reasons the FCs was happening but the biggest culprit was a missing permission for applying the settings after a reboot.  This bug was particularly hard to track down because the compiler didn’t picked up the missing permission.  What usually happens if you are missing a permission then an exception would be thrown with a messaging suggesting the missing permission as the culprit.  But this time it behaved more like a configuration issue with the service.

The other major fix was for non-rooted phones where the correct settings weren’t being retrieved.  This was a bug introduced after a number of changes to the service code.

So hopefully most of the problems are behind us now.  I hope this release finds you all well.  Happy Xmas and New Year.

    • Geoff Brantner
    • December 23rd, 2010

    This app was referred to me by my brother, David, who could not speak highly enough about it. I notice that development has continued, with the release of v2.1.7.2, and this motivated me to ask a question that has been on my mind.

    Since the release of Froyo, which made the common task killers moot, though your app works in a completely different and IMHO better way, does it still help with Froyo? (I was thoerizing with David that maybe it still helps, but the affect my simply not be quite as pronounced due to better default app management in Froyo.)

    Regardless of anything else, I want to thank you for sharing your fine app with the community, and wish you a Wonderful Christmas.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hey Geoff. David has mentioned you to me :) I’ve been expecting a message from you for months.

      I agree with what you are saying. With phones that have more RAM/ROM memory isn’t an issue. In addition to that the premium phones have faster CPUs as well. So there really isn’t any need for it. But some people just like to have lots of free memory available.

      I personally haven’t been able to hit the Aggressive threshold of my app on my N1 but maybe there are really heavy users out there.

      On phones like the G1, Hero or even some of the tablets out there maybe the effects would be more pronounced.

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