Welcome to the Mad Squirrel’s Den. This represents my endeavour into developing Android app(s) during my spare time.

I hope people will find my apps useful. If not then maybe this could be proof that I’m more suited for another hobby. ;)

    • vaio
    • March 24th, 2010

    Hi, thanks for a great app !

    I have however encountered a problem, it FC when I try to access “Running Process” . I am on Milestone 2.1.

    Hope this info helps

    • If possible can you send me the error report when you start AMM the next time? There are other people that said this is happening as well but I’m not sure why yet. Can you tell me what locale you are using?

    • vaio
    • March 25th, 2010

    just send you the error report by gmail. my local is English (US)

    • Christian
    • April 17th, 2010

    Hi there, it would seem like a great app should it work. For me it doesnt – i think. Im trying to tweak the settings or even use one of the premade ones (aggressive), but whatever i do after applying it (doing anything outside the program), when i come back its back to default. Im using HTC Legend (Android 2.1?) What could be the problem here or am i just doing something wrong? by the way, if i want my NES emulator to run smoother, which ones of the bars should i raise possibly? thank you //christian

    • Hi Christian, I think you missed the part in the description that says “ROOT REQUIRED”. It sounds like you don’t have root and so this app won’t work for you. I think Modaco has rooted a Legend but I’m not 100% sure. Although you are right. If it does work it’s pretty great :)

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