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Living with a Nexus One

I’ve had my Nexus One (unrooted) for more than a week now and thought I would just post some of my experience and thoughts.

First thing I noticed coming from a HTC Hero is that its fast.  As fast as a iPhone 3G but not quite to 3GS standards.  As you would expect this makes the user experience much nicer.  What used to take a few seconds to load happens almost instantly.  This is how all Android phones should be.

But after using it for a few days some weird things started happening mainly with Listen (I use it a lot). It seemed to be shutting down unexpectedly fairly regularly and it looks like it’s because it’s hit the OOM threshold.

This is interesting to me because the OOM thresholds are obviously still at the default.  Also I am still using Listen when it gets shut down.  So this means that the kernel is shutting down the Listen service because the Listen frontend has a low priority from being in the background.  I would think that ideally that the kernel should check if the the frontend is connected to any services and if it was then exclude it from the clean up.

I’ve always suspected that this was the case but it has been hard to prove on a custom ROM running all kinds of other mods.  But now with a stock Eclair ROM there is no doubt.

(Sorry for my rant)

There are the other things that have also been reported e.g. over sensitive touch screen, touch points jumping around, hard to use capacitive buttons etc.  Nothing new here.  And even though there are all these short comings I still believe that the Nexus One is the best Android phone out there for the modder.  Purely because it’s so heavily supported and there are/will be fixes either by the official or unofficial community.  Also the fact that it has a FM tuner, N wifi and a multi-colour track ball.

So the conclusion is that:

  1. I love my Nexus One
  2. I’m going to root it sooner rather than later.