Guide to rooting your phone

AMM requires that you have rooted your phone.  Quite a few people that attempt to use AMM have not and may not know how to root their phones.  To help out the uninitiated I’ve compiled a list of guides from around the web on how to root various phones.  The forums (xda-developer and Modaco)where these guides are hosted are also a good source of support.  Thank you xda-developer and Modaco for the information and support.

DISCLAIMER: The guides are not written by me but they should work.  Also as with all mods there is a certain amount of risk (however small) and this should be mentioned.

HTC Dream/G1

Miscellaneous information for G1 –

HTC Sapphire/Magic/MyTouch 3G (rooting guides and miscellaneous information)

HTC Hero (GSM)

HTC Hero (CDMA) (rooting guides and miscellaneous information)

Motorola Milestone/Droid

HTC Tattoo

HTC Droid Eris

Nexus One

Acer Liquid

HTC Legend

HTC Desire

    • chris
    • May 29th, 2010

    Link listed for Droid can not be found: -(

    • mac
    • May 30th, 2010

    How bout for samsung galaxy spica (i5700)

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