Impact of Help

In the last release I added a comprehensive help. This was easily the most requested feature and I was really happy and excited to do it. However since the release something unexpected had happened.

Since adding the Help active installed have dropped dramatically and often going down. At first I though maybe AMM was having a bad day or we’ve finally reach saturation point. But after a few days and discussions with friends I came up with a new hypothesis.

I now think that the Help is helping people understand what AMM does. This is a good thing. However they are then finding that its not what they want and uninstalling. Where as before they would try it out.

So I guess the Help is good for the user but maybe not so good for AMM downloads. Now the really interesting thing its would it be evil to remove the Help? :)

Finally there’s Help!

One of the biggest feature request for AMM is a help/instructions on how to use the app and how it works.  Well after 2 months of being in the Market I’ve finally got round to doing it.  It’s a 10 page beast.   I think this could be a record for a mobile app.  At the moment it’s only in English.  I will translate this as soon as can which I hope won’t be in another 2 months.

I’ve also updated the free version first rather than the Premium version mainly because this would be more useful to new users.  I assume that you have used the free version before you got the Premium version.  So Premium users probably don’t need the help file as much.  But I’ll put it in before the end of the week.

So there you go.  Version 1.5.  Let there be Help!

AMM is a hot app!


I was just browsing AppBrain to see if there were any interesting apps and just to see what apps were popular in general. To my surprise as I was scrolling down the Hot Apps in the last 24 hours I saw Auto Memory Manager barely just pass the first page!

This is a pleasant surprise so thanks to everyone that downloaded AMM. I guess having 666 ratings wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

And by the way if you haven’t tried AppBrain you should. It’s a great way to manage your apps and also find out about new apps.

666 ratings!

This morning I woke up and saw on Market that I had 666 ratings! I started to think that may be this was a bad omen. Fortunately before I could get a screenshot for this post it had updated to 669 ratings. Phew! Disaster averted. :)

FAQ updated slightly

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a couple of comments saying that AMM didn’t reapply settings after reboot. I was confused where this impression was coming from since AMM has had this functionality since the first few releases.

Turns out the culprit was the FAQ I did when I first wrote the app in which I mention that that functionality was still in development. Anyway the FAQ has not been updated so hopefully problem solved :)

Happy weekend to all.

AMM and AMM Premium updated

OK kids!  Get it while it’s hot.  I’ve just updated both version of AMM with minor UI tweaks and they now display the free memory left.

Check out the change for (slightly) more details.

AMM Premium released

Just a quick note to say that AMM Premium has been released to the Market. This release fixes a bug that’s been stopping some people from getting to the Running Processes page. Took me about a month but I finally took a stab and got the little critter.

Open source or not

Recently I’ve been thinking about putting the source code for AMM on either Github or Google Code. I think this could be a good time to do this as the base functionality of the app works fine now and is fairly stable.

So from my point of view here are the pros and cons:


  • Give the source back to the community since the original code came from XDA. The rest of the code is just common sense.
  • Make this into a collaborative effort. So far I’ve been working on this myself so improvements have been coming slowly. And in the near future I’m going to have to move on to other things. If there are others working on this then we can potentially keep the project going at a reasonable state.
  • A collaborative effort would also give me an opportunity to learn from others and bounce ideas around.


  • I could lose control of the app and managing changes could be just as much work.
  • Are there any potential collaborators out there? Maybe no one actually wants to collaborate.

Just some points of the top of my head. It would be great to get feedback from people out there and anyone that has been involved in developing open source software.

Thoughts on Legend based ROMs

Yesterday I decided to try one of the Legend based ROMs to try to replicate an error in AMM and also to try it out in general.

First thing that I noticed was that after using a few of the new HTC widgets the phone started running very low on memory and the phone got very laggy. Even after removing all the widgets there was still only 40+MB of RAM.

Second thing that I noticed was that Sense UI only had a OOM priority of 4. I believe it could drop lower.

Third observation was that Sense UI would restart if I start doing a few things at once e.g. using Listen and installing a new app. I think this is because the phone ran out off memory and killed it.

After I applied the Mild setting on AMM I didn’t see much improvement since even with all the empty apps killed there was still hardly any RAM left.

So ultimately I think the ROM is probably too bloated compared to the AOSP builds. To give you an idea when I was running kagudroid 1.2.2 I could easily have 70MB of free RAM without anything being killed. This is with at least 5 of my 7 screens populated. So now I know why some of my users were asking how to keep Sense UI alive.

This could really be why an official HTC 2.1 ROM is taking so long since the phone just doesn’t seem to have enough RAM to run with the new Sense UI.

I will have a play with AMM and see if I can come up with a more suitable setting since the basic presets may not be up to task. I’ll keep you posted.

AMM Premium FC fixed

Hi. For all those that got the new AMM Premium 1.0.1 there is an update for the FC. In my rush the push this out again I left in some old code. The gremlin has been terminated and it should be all good now.