Apologies to my Premium users

The other night when I tried to update AMM Premium with the latest changes I found that my keystore had been corrupted.  As I have now found out this is the worst thing that could happen to an Android app and there is literally no real solution to re-upload the app.

For those that don’t know a keystore is something that is used to sign an app to make it uniquely identifiable.  Unfortunately Android Market doesn’t allow me to upgrade the same app with a different keystore as this would essentially make it a different app.

The only thing I can (and have done) is to remove the old AMM Premium from the Market and uploaded the updated version (1.0.1) with the same name.  And here in lies the second major problem with Android Market.  There is no way of changing a free app to a paid app.  You can change a paid app to free but not the other way round.  This means I have no way for me to give a free download to those that have previously paid.  As far as I can tell everyone is going to have to pay again if they want to download the app and continue getting updates.  This is a horrible and frustrating for me and my existing users.

The only thing that I can do is to send existing users new APK files every time I make an update.  So if you send me an email I’ll set up a mailing list.

Again, sorry guys.  Rest assured I’ve since made multiple backups of the keystore file.

Back from vacation!

OK. I’m back from vacation and in front of the dev machine. So I’ll be putting out a release this week to fix a couple of problems with the 1.4 release. No new functionality this time round, maybe next time :)

Issue with changing perspective

In the latest release of AMM it seems the loader is causing an error when changing from horizontal to vertical view. I will release a fix for this in the next week so in the mean time if you start in a horizontal view then please wait for the page to load before changing to a vertical view.

Thanks for all the error emails and especially those that provided me with additional info.

AMM 1.4 and Premium

Just released AMM 1.4 last night and along with it came the first release of the Premium version. At the moment the two versions have exactly the same functionality except Premium is ad free.

I’ve decided to adopt a freemium to give people to provide monetary support. I’m sure guys already understand this model. So I thank all my supporters in advance.

I think the free version does enough for almost everyone. The Premium version will provide even more advanced features.

One last thing I would like to mention is people that get the Premium version should still rate it as this is still a useful tool for me and other potential users.

G1 Popular Settings

There have been a few people asking me what settings they should use for their phones. To be honest this really depends on what you have running on your phone. If you have lots of widgets and services running then may be you are better off using a more conservative setting. And if you don’t have much running then you can try a more aggressive setting.

But to help give people some direction here a graph of the most popular settings tried by AMM users on a G1.

Couple of things to note.
1/ “Others” was actually made up of mostly slight variations of Aggressive and Mild settings.
2/ I believe this graph may be skewed by people trying the 3 main settings before deciding on what they will use. This can be seen by the fact that the default setting actually had so many tries.


I’ve updated a page of all the screens in AMM.  And I’ve moved the Screenshots page and the changelog to live under the Auto Memory Manager menu (hover over the Auto Memory Manager menu).  Hopefully in the near-ish future I will be added a detailed Help/FAQ page.  This is definitely needed especially as AMM gains more and more functionality.

On that note if you have a question that you would like answered please send me an email (madsquirrelapps@googlemail.com).  I’ll answer it and add it to the FAQ if it’s a good/common one.

Most popular settings

Since version 1.1.1 I have included the ability to collect usage data.  So this post goes to all my users for their support.  Thank you Everyone!  This is the first time I’m releasing this information and hope the users of AMM will find it useful.

So from the graph below you can see that the most popular setting is Aggressive and Mild coming in next.  Most of the other settings are slightly different modified versions of Aggressive.  My only comment on this is that people should try to tweak the settings to use as much of the available memory as possible while keeping an acceptable performance of the phone.  For me this is a Mild setting but with a higher threshold for Hidden Application.

One thing to realize is that while having all the settings set to maximum won’t do anything bad to your phone you might find that apps may be being shut down while you are using them.  The type of apps that are prone to this are music/streaming media players.  This is because these apps usually run in the background using a service.  Another thing to also realize is that every widget you have is probably has a mid to high out-of-memory (oom) setting.  So if you set your first three thresholds set high you may notice that things could slow down when you slide between scenes that have the widgets.  You may also find that if you have lots of widgets (like I do) then your available memory will never be as high as you think.  In fact mine is usually around 30+MB.  I don’t mind this because the response of the phone is generally quite good.

So, in short just play with the setting and if Mild and Aggressive is what you like (and it looks like it) then that’s great too :)

What is all the crashes about?

Since the release of AMM 1.3 there have been a lot of people experiencing FCs (crashes). This is because processes were getting killed by Android between the time I get the list of running processes and when I get the OOM priority for the process.

So I’ve put in a fix to say that a process has been killed if it can’t find a priority.

Unfortunately the fix is causing another problem. You now get a FC when you try to change the priority of a process. I will fix this later today.

So thanks for your patience and I will fix the problems ASAP.

AMM 1.3 is out with a bunch of new functionality

It’s late very late now and waaaaayyy pass my bedtime.  So this is just a quick note to let you guys know that Auto Memory Manager 1.3 is out.  There’s a bunch of new functionality that I hope people will like.  I’ve also added ad support as a way to keep this project going.  So go and check out the changelog for details and as usual vote with your fingers (leave ratings and feedback for the app).

Good night.  (And hopefully I won’t wake up to any error emails).

Change process oom priority

Auto Memory Manager 1.2.1 released.

Just a quick post to say that a new version of AMM is in the Market. I’ve just added a “advance” page as it has been requested by a few people and a few other things. So go and update and let me know (via twitter or email) if there are any issues.