Auto Memory Manager 1.0.3 released!

So after 1 week of development Auto Memory Manager is at version 1.0.3.  As the version number suggest the changes have been major but I’ve enjoyed the learning process.

This release included 2 things.  One of which seemed to be a much needed help file.  It turns out that the usability of this app was only obvious to me and not many others…including my wife.  I showed it to her and gave a brief description of what it did and she immediately pointed out a major flaw in my rather basic app.  It wasn’t obvious what the buttons or the sliders did.  In short it wasn’t obvious what everything on the app did!  Which was a bit of a surprise to me as it seemed pretty obvious what they did.  (You press a button for the setting that you want.)  I still think this is an efficient way of choosing and applying a setting however I concede that it probably isn’t the most obvious.  So I’ve added a brief help file and in the next few days I will put up a more detailed help on this site.

The topic of memory management is a complex one and is one that I have a lot to learn about.  I plan to update this blog with my thoughts about this topic and my finding in general and also relating to my app.  Hopefully others will find it useful.  I have also have to mention the XDA forum.  In particular the “Android Internal Task Killer” thread and androcheck who provided the information to make this possible.  And for now this is probably still the best place to find out about how this app actually works.  But feel free to send me any questions over twitter or email and I’ll see if I can help.