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Auto Memory Manager on Amazon Appstore

Yesterday the Amazon Appstore was launched with the US and AMM was part of that launch.

I have to admit initially I was a bit sceptical about the Amazon Appstore but then one day it the value of it dawned on me. And I have to admit it was a pretty obvious usage scenario.

Amazon sells all kinds of things and they track this. Now if you’ve bought an Android phone they would be able to recommend you all these cool directly from the appstore. In fact every time you shop at Amazon they could potentially recommend you an Android app. Buy a pair of shoes? Amazon recommends a cardio trainer app. Buy a cookbook? Amazon recommends the Epicurious app. Who knows, maybe AMM will be one of those recommendations when you buy a hard drive or other gadget.

Maybe one day we would even get to the point where I can buy a phone and tell Amazon which apps I want pre-installed. Saving you the hassle of downloading them yourself.

Anyway, for those that are interested you can find AMM here in the Amazon Appstore.